Vegas Bay-bee!

I leave this afternoon for Vegas for the first couple of days of the NCAA hoops tourney. We’re staying in the Imperial Palace, a fine establishment known for its low-limit tables, tiny rooms and cleavage enhanced cocktail waitresses. Sounds right up my alley.

The rooms don’t matter anyway, since on Pacific Standard Time the games start at 9:00 am. I doubt I’ll see the inside of our hotel room while awake for 30 minutes a day. The plan is to roll out of bed as early as possible to enjoy coffee and bloody marys while placing the morning bets. Nowhere do sports, commerce and sin come together as delightfully as Vegas during the first week of the tournament. The combination of die-hard fans rooting for their favorite teams and inveterate gambleholics putting down bets on whether Coach K will win it all or roll out the old credit card commercials early again makes for an atmosphere that can’t be beat.

I encourage anyone who follows sports at all to give it a try sometime. I’ll try to send updates from Sin City over the next few days.

I’m all in!


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