Inferior Palace

A quick update from Sin City. We’re staying at the Imperial Palace. I was told that the joint had been “refurbished,” but I can’t imagine how crappily it must have been furbished before. I’m pretty sure that several episodes of CSI were shot in my room. Our cocktail waitress at the Mai Tai Bar last night had fresh stitches in her head. Nice!

The highlight of the evening was seeing “Purple Reign,” the Prince tribute show at the Monte Carlo. The guy playing Prince was pretty good. He could sing, dance and play guitar, but apparently he couldn’t grow a beard as it was drawn on with eyeliner. The best part of the show was the interlude by a Morris Day impersonator with his personal liege, Jerome. I used to want to ask my boss for a secretary or a personal assistant, but I think now I want a Jerome. Who couldn’t use somebody to hold a big mirror up for them and brush off their shoulders with a silk handkerchief?

“Jerome, bring me my hat!”


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