A Sign de los Dias

Have you ever seen a Subway sandwich shop close? The one on the corner of Thompson Lane and Murfeesboro Road has been converted to a tortilleria. Now, my inner redneck says “Damn, they’re everywhere now!”

But the enlightened marketer in me notices something that Mayor Purcell, Chief Serpas and the rest of Nashville should be aware of. The Hispanic immigrant population of Nashville is certainly growing. That’s the obvious fact. However, this community has moved far past just being a labor pool. These hard-working people are becoming a force as both consumers and retailers, and any citizen of Nashville that doesn’t see that is just ignorant.

Those that react accordingly have a chance to be at the crest of a new wave of consumers. But don’t think you can just add the word “El” to the front of your name and attract customers to “El Harris Teeter.” There is opportunity for the enlightened. Buena suerte!


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