Final Farce

It’s all over except for the de-facto SEC Tourney. You realize that if that dumb ass Swede Jensen from Washington doesn’t commit the ill-advised hack with 30 seconds to go in the Connecticut game, we’re looking at 2 SEC and 2 Pac 10 teams in the Final Four. As a native of one conference and a graduate of the other, I couldn’t be prouder.

If anybody has any of these teams still alive in their bracket, they win their pool. If they don’t, then the tourney is over a week early for them.

I wanted to hear somebody from one of the “Power Conferences” tell me again how down the SEC and Pac 10 are this year. The ball played by LSU, Florida, UCLA, Washington and Texas was the kind that wins these tournaments. Fast, aggressive, adaptable young future lottery picks taking advantage of the match-ups offered by genius coaches who don’t notice when their star seniors are getting their asses kicked and the refs are letting it happen.

I’ve never seen a tournament where the refs let the players play more than this one. But you know what? I figured it out a week ago Thursday. Coaches K and Calhoun and that whiny bitch Morrison from GonGaga apparently weren’t watching as much SportsCenter as I was. That’s why teams with strong well-coached senior leadership don’t win this tourney. These teams expect success from their system, and when it doesn’t come to them, they don’t reach out and grab it by the yarbles.

Look at the freshmen and sophomores on LSU, Florida, Texas and Memphis. They’re auditioning for the NBA and their coaches are simply putting them in the right position to show off. That means these kids will jump over the moon for an offensive rebound while JJ Reddick is dropping back into a textbook defensive position.

Reddick and Morrison will have NBA careers on a par with say, Mike Dunleavy. Tyrus Thomas, Big Baby and Joaquim Noah will be STARS and at least one of them will have an NCAA championship. Of course, once they go to the NBA, I’ll never give a crap about them anymore…


p.s. Oh, I didn’t say anything about George Mason. That was on purpose.


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