Good Karma

After taking a $5 Nassau from the DogDoc at Harrison Bay in Chattanooga, he earned the driving honors as well. The first pit stop was in Acworth, GA.

After missing the turn to the gas station, Doc asked, “Can I make a u-turn here?”

“No,” I replied. “And oh crap! There’s cop in the other turning lane.”

The police cruiser followed us into the station parking lot as I stuffed empty Miller Lite evindence bombs under the seat of my Tahoe.

In a semi-panic, I changed my mind at the last second and decided to throw the cans away in an old newspaper on the way to the bathroom. In retrospect, it might have worked if I hadn’t loudly dumped a can on the ground as I opened the door.

I tried to casually scoop it up as I exited the truck. I probably looked as graceful as Dumbo on ice skates, but I got the evidence disposed of. Hell, since there’s no beer allowed at TN state park courses, we’d only had a beer apiece. But we definitely felt like we’d been caught with our hands in the cookie jar.

So the next tactic was to wait him out in the bathroom. A quick peek revealed he wasn’t going anywhere. Damn the genderme! Then DogDoc had an epiphany. “We need jerky.” It’s hard to argue with genius.

“Hey, he’s just getting gas. He can’t chase us with the nozzle in his tank.”

“It could be a trap,” I replied in a paranoid fog.

Nope, he was just filling up. So we casually ran to the truck and jumped in like the Duke boys. We got it fired up just in time…for the cop to finish pumping his gas and pull in behind us at the exit from the lot.

Hearts in our throats, we tried to guess which way to turn. Then he just pulled around the two freaking idiots he’d been following who he was tired of waiting on and continued his patrol.

“Yeah copper! We sure showed you who’s the boss this time. You better not come messin’ with these 2 Augusta-bound pilgrims!”

Middle aged dumb asses 1
The Man 0


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