Take Five

I got tagged by The Nashville Knucklehead a while ago on this one, so I figured in the spirit of full disclosure I oughta share a little more about my dry little spot in the universe. There doesn’t seem to be any set format for these 5-spot deals, so I’ll choose what I want.

5 jobs I’ve Had
VP of marketing of a paper company, owner of a direct mail office product and stationery catalog, Princeton Review high school and college standardized testing instructor, resident assistant, scuba tank technician

5 Movies I Could Watch Over and Over
Fandango, Blues Brothers, Pulp Fiction, Seven Samurai (with subtitles and commentary track on…otherwise I can never figure out what the heck is going on), Godfather

5 Places I’ve Lived
Westmeade, Stanford, East Palo Alto, Wallingford, CT, 37212

5 TV Shows I Love to Watch
Arrested Development (RIP?), The Office (I’ll count BBC and NBC as one), Family Guy, MythBusters, Amazing Race

5 Places I like to Go on Vacation
New Orleans (RIP?), Vegas, Sewanee, Gulf Shores, Napa

5 Favorite Foods
Interstate BBQ’s bbq’d spaghetti, my smoked pork tenderloin, RUABelle’s international lasagna, Brazilian churrasco, Ferdi Special Po-boy from Mother’s in New Orleans

5 Places I’d Rather Be
Sewanee on my front porch, Center Hill Lake in a boat fighting a smallmouth bass, on a beach in Brazil practicing my portuguese “É a coisa mais linda que eu ja vi passar,” in a hammock in Xel-Ha near Tulum, Mexico, on a dark craps table late at night in a downtown Vegas casino

5 Albums I Couldn’t Live Without
Layla-Derek and the Dominos, What is Hip?-Tower of Power, Kiko-Los Lobos, Deguello-ZZ Top, Texas Flood-Stevie Ray Vaughan

I don’t know 5 other bloggers to tag, but I’ll at least get two friends, Chuck and the Hilster.


2 Responses to Take Five

  1. Kat Coble says:

    Yes, Arrested Development is officially RIP. Mitch Hurwitz declined the pending Showtime offer.

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