I need some advice

If you’ve read my previous post about our search for a new dog, you know there’s a big hole in our household’s heart that needs filling.

Good news! We’re the pending owners of a shelter rescue standard poodle. She was woefully undernourished and completely ungroomed, so she was a real mess when RUABelle found her and fell in love. If we pass our home inspection, we’ll have her next week.

So my request to you, oh readers, is advice on a name. The first inclination was something French, since she’s a poodle. Also that would be a reference to our lost New Orleans connections. But someone recently told me that poodles are actually of Germanic origin, so that expands the name base considerably.

I’m usually a believer that the pet’s name will reveal itself, and I’m probably too much of a smartass to be trusted with something this important and permanent. (Example: my first suggestion was Shanene, and I know that’s just WRONG!)

I, unfortunately, think she looks like one of the “Roger, Roger” battle droids from Star Wars.

So hopefully, y’all can come up with better ideas than me. Release the HOUND!


10 Responses to I need some advice

  1. Aunt B says:

    Ooo. She has a very dignified and graceful look to her. I think you should call her Beatrice and you could call her Bea for short.

    No reason. I just think Bea is a very dignified name.

  2. Kat Coble says:

    Well, if you want to cover the French/German thing with style and grace and geekiness, you could call her “Vichy”. That’s a nice dog name anyway. It sounds like “fifi”, but with more imagination.

    If you want a New Orleans Tribute Name, you could name her Tchapitoulis and call her “Tulie”. That’s a pretty name that seems well-suited to appearance.

    If you wanted to indulge in some black humour you could call her Puddle.

    Personally, I like “Tulie” the best…

  3. Aunt B says:

    Oh, Tulie is good. My vote is for that.

  4. “If we pass our home inspection . . .”

    Let me guess, Happy Tales?

    I think you should name her something that rhymes with “Daisy” so that when I give you my dog, they’ll both come running together.

  5. ceeelcee says:

    Ironically, Tchoupitoulas was one of my first choices too, but RUABelle was afraid her 1st graders couldn’t pronounce it. And they’re deeply involved in this process, apparently.

    I’m having thoughts about Isabelle/Belle.

    “Roger, Roger,”

  6. saraclark says:

    Give her a blues name. Make it bayou-y and cajun. I don’t know any, but that would cover French and New Orleans and the 1st graders could practice saying it like Justin Wilson.
    Tulie–Jolie(but not Angelina)–Lafitte–Rex-Mardi–Peppa(could have rap overtones).

    The only standard poodle I ever knew was owned by an Italian and was named Giordano. I have friends that own a Labradoodle, that dog’s name is Django and he’s huge.

  7. newscoma says:

    I’ve always wanted a dog named Gulager.
    No reason.
    My dogs are named Mabel, Duff and Kirby.
    Once again, no reason. It’s just the collective canine crew’s names.

  8. bridgett says:

    Tulie is good. Delphine (as in Delphine Lalaurie?), Marie (Leveau), or simply Voodoo would work for a black dog. Evangeline, if you’re of a literary bent. Amie (man’s best friend, easy for kids to say, like Belle). Unfortunately, TonTon has been permanently fucked up as a “cute” name by the Haitian death squads, though Le TonTon was a common nickname for Afro-Caribbean enslaved women in New Orleans.

    Cats are way easier. You can call them whatever you want, since they aren’t going to come anyhow.

  9. Kat Coble says:

    I still vote for “Tulie” because not only is it New Orleans-related and cute but it also has that Zevon connection. And first-graders can get hip to it.

    Unfortunately, TonTon has been permanently fucked up as a “cute” name by the Haitian death squads,

    Bridgett, I think I may have to get a poodle and name her “TonTon, My Cutie” just because.

    That would be hilarious, sad, or both.

  10. ceeelcee says:

    Maybe we should call her “TonTon Baby Dog” Duvalier. Naah, that’s enough Haitian Death Squad humor for one blog.

    “Tulie” is the clubhouse leader, even with RUABelle. I’m out of town until Monday, but she’ll be joining our family Saturday while I’m gone. RUABelle will see what she responds to…other than doggie treats.

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