Well I Made It…

…through the Wonderful World of Disney with my sense of humor intact. It was close a couple of times like last night when we were served our meal in the (groan) Great Hall of China. Much to my surprise there is apparently a province known for their fried catfish and tartar sauce, and they must have an Anheuser Busch plant as well since it was all you could drink Bud Light night. Hell, they’ve got everything else in China so goodie for me!

As I find myself sitting in the airport preparing to leave the House of the Mouse, I have realized that for the first time in well over a year I don’t have any plane tickets purchased for any work trips. May I be the first to say “Yahoo!” For the foreseeable future I am free to play with our new dog who I haven’t seen yet, pump out bloggage for your reading pleasure and make myself available for FTF lunch and/or beer drinking invitations. Oh, and the water heater blew up and flooded our cabin in Sewanee while I’ve been gone, so I see some serious Bob Vila action in my future.

I almost made a critical error checking in for my flight. No, not tweezers in my carry-on or ammunition in my luggage. I almost switched to stand-by for a flight that leaves two hours before my scheduled departure. The booking agent didn’t volunteer the info that it makes two stops and gets in an hour later than my direct flight. Phew, that was a close one. That’s another reason why I would kick ASS on “The Amazing Race.”

And just imagine the blogging opportunities…

Homeward bound,


One Response to Well I Made It…

  1. Aunt B says:

    make myself available for FTF lunch and/or beer drinking invitations

    Woo hoo! Sign me up for lunch and or beer drinking.

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