Moroccan My World!

I know I’ll never be able to convince the rabid SEC football fan that the first 89 minutes of last night’s USA/Morocco football match was really exciting when it was 0-0. Then the Moroccans scored in the final minute and it suddenly really sucked!

We had great seats on the aisle at about the 40 yd. line in the 5th row, so the action was great to watch. It’s like the first time I attended an NHL game in person. You have no idea the speed at which these guys operate until you see them live.

Some random thoughts:

Contrary to popular belief, the fellows walking around with the banners that said “Maroc” were not misspellings of “Mapco.”

Who lets their fourteen year old daughters walk around a stadium in low-slung cut off sweat pants and a mini halter top rolled up under their boobs and “USA” painted across their bellies? This is not Rivergate!

We sat right in front of the Moroccan fan section and they kicked ass! They chanted together, played really cool drums and were active and knowledgeable fans. They also managed to get great seats in the back of two sections that stretched between the forty yard lines. After the game, they were appropriately jubilant and made it just difficult enough to get through their section and take our lumps. It was good-natured and fun to be a part of such an international experience. I don’t know how far they all traveled from to be there, but I’m sure it was worth the trip to them. Well, done Moroccans!

On the flip side, the supposed rabid group of USA football fans, Sam’s Army, was just plain lame. They huddled in the corner of the end zone, sat for most of the game and seemed disorganized and lackluster in their cheering. They were filing out of the stadium within 30 seconds of the end of the game, while the rest of the crowd stood to applaud the effort of both sides and wish the USA well in the upcoming World Cup. Don’t tread on this, ya’ losers!

The upcoming World Cup is being played in Germany. The time difference pretty much demands that you miss work in order to watch the key games. See you at the Sportsman’s Grille for lunch and a beer!


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  1. Kat Coble says:

    Love the post title.

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