An Assignment for 30/40-somethin’ Nashvillagers

Alright all you old heads like me. Here’s four names that came up in conversation last night. Your challenge: 1. (the easy part) tell me what they had in common 2. (the trickier part) tell me something unique about each one.

The names:
Bob Lobertini
Tom Siler
George Goldtrap
Boyce Hawkins

Bonus question-Do you remember Miss Eleanor, Miss Norma and Miss Nancy?


28 Responses to An Assignment for 30/40-somethin’ Nashvillagers

  1. SistaSmiff says:

    WeatherDudes of yesteryear in Nashville. Remember Ron Kaiser? I got on Tom Siler’s spot one time in about 1978 when they were doing a live feed from the Italian Street Fair. My first tv appearance.

    Trivia….Boyce Hawkins’ brother was in what group now enshrined in the Country Music Hall of Fame?

    Romper Room…my sister made it on there. Some things in life just aren’t fair. One of the Miss Nancy’s was actually Beverly Early. I was in the same grade, same school as her daughter.

  2. And that’s the weather…by George. I always wanted him to miss the chalk…

  3. saraclark says:

    But what about Pat Sajack?

    My sister and I used to practice saying Bob Lobertini because it was the strangest name we had ever heard.

    No Romper Room at our house, I don’t remember why. My parents had television rules, so we didn’t get to watch much.

  4. Can I B Frank said…
    And that’s the weather…by George. I always wanted him to miss the chalk…

    But ‘By George’ didn’t do that much did he? Lifetime average: 96.4% catches.

    Thanks, George Goldtrap
    Ormond By The Sea FL

  5. oldnashman says:

    All were local weather men; I know Bob Lobertini was ‘Captain Bob’ with a puppet named ‘Bobo’ on an afternoon show featuring Popeye cartoons. Boyce Hawkins played ‘Grandpa Moses’ with a clown named ‘Happy A. Clown’ also on an afternoon show which featured cartoons and Three Stooges shorts. Don’t know anything unique about Tom Siler.

  6. John Lobertini says:

    All are former Nashville weathermen. In fact, I knew three of them. Thx for remembering. John “Dino” Lobertini (Yes, Son of Bob). Cheers

    • T Manning says:

      Hello DIno,
      How nice to run across you again this way. I’m from the old neighborhood, lived on Harvard Ave. Do you remember the Pages, Lundys, Gregorys, Mosses, Dukes, Harrisons.
      Last time I saw you was at the corner of N.Wilson and Princeton. You were about 11-13 and stopped to talk with a couple of us while you were out riding your bike. I moved shortly after. Hope all is well.

  7. s johnson says:

    I rmember Boyce Hawkins as being one of the funniest guys on TV at that time. I was a teen then and even I looked forward to his appearances.

  8. Me Too says:

    It’s really cool that John Lobertini posted a response recently. John is a famous TV newscaster in California. John/Dino: Bob was truly Nashville’s very best and has not been matched to date.

  9. Lisa Lobertini says:

    I remember Bob Lobertini – he was my dad. I was googling my family name, and up came this article. I’m glad to hear people still remember him. I can be reached at if anyone would like to chat.

  10. Lynnster says:

    I do indeed remember all of those as well and remember your dad well, Lisa.

    And gosh, Boyce Hawkins was funny. He was a family favorite.

    Not a weather guy, but John Lashlee (recently passed away) was the uncle of three good friends of mine from high school.

    Anyway, back in those days TV news people just become part of your family. Sad it’s not really that way now, other than a handful that are still on from when I was in high school and college, I couldn’t tell you who most of the news folks are nowadays.

  11. […] a short comment. The only celebrities to grace the comment section here at have been George Goldtrap and the children of Bob Lobertini. We’re certainly not talking A-listers […]

  12. jim voorhies says:

    Hey, I got Pat Paulsen’s daughter to comment at my place. You just need to crank it up more, dude.

  13. Stewart Jackson says:

    You had Tom Siler’s name in amoung the listing of local weathermen. He was (and still is) a jolly fellow. He’s doing fill-in weather and journalism in Pensacola’s Channel 3, WEAR (ABC). He is still the shortest weatherman that I have ever seen, which is the one feature I would consider unique about him. Still going strong. 3’s programming coverage gets into L.A. (lower Alabama), about 65 miles north of Mobile. I was born and grew up in Nashville, went to Litton, and Tennessee Tech, so I recall all of the personalities you folks mention. I don’t know anywhere that has such a collection of so many memorable individuals. What Great Memories?? Thanks for being here.

  14. T.J. O'Rourke says:

    I remember Bob Lobertini as the father of one of my first great loves (Lisa). I remember Bob’s wife Rita as well, she was an exceedingly gorgeous and generous woman. I also remember his other children, Dino, Melony and Tony. I often wonder about all of them and how they are doing. I called their number so often in Greenbrae, California that I remember it to this day (415-461-2864). I am cursed and blrssed with exact memories of details and conversations from years gone by. That is no longer their number. I remember how screwed up I was during my teenage years and I am grateful that my children are nothing like I was. I also remember Scotty who was my best friend and lived across the street from the Lobertini’s on Downey Drive. I remember the few awkward teenage years Lisa and I shared during hatd times and how life caused us to grow apart. Small world isn’t it?

  15. Mac B. says:

    He is no longer at Channel 3 WEAR as of July of 2008.

    Do not know what happened…

  16. Mac B. says:

    About Bob Siler.

    He is no longer at Channel 3 WEAR as of July of 2008.

    Do not know what happened…

  17. Buddy Sadler says:

    I had the honor of meeting all those guys. John Lashlee was a very close friend and I first met Bob L when they were both at channel 5.
    Great memories. Bill Hall was also a good friend and a pretty good weather guy.
    I enjoyed the facts and especially what happened to some of Bob’s children.
    Merry Christmas to you all…buddy

  18. Faye Combs says:

    I met Tom Siler one night at Smuggler’s Inn. Now, that will date me. I heard this incredibly deep voice, turned around but didn’t see anybody. He was kneeling beside me. I didn’t know who he was. lol Yes, he was a weather dude, and I went out with him a few times.

    • jack and Rovi in Hot Springs says:

      Tom just recently married (9/12/12) to a 23 yr old Filipina from Cebu Philippines where he moved to in 2010 when he left his 3rd wife Rovi (also from the Philippines). Tom is now 72yrs old and owns a home with his newly immigrated bride in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas.

  19. David says:

    Boyce was a true entertainer, even when he had a couple adult beverages before doing the weather on Channel 4. He was a hoot down on CenterHill lake… I remember seeing 4, 5, 6, 10 houseboats rafted up togther and his was always in the middle – Boyce would play piano up on top of his boat and entertain all the lake trash.

    Tom Siler… anyone remember his 8″ snow forecasts and we would get nothing? The school superintendents would cancel school off of his forecasts. All us kids loved Tom!

  20. I knew Boyce Hawkins very well and was a personal family friend. I also knew Bob Lobertini more as Captain Bob…as my dad was/is Happy A. Clown and we would visit him over at Channel 5. Hello Dino..if you happen to get back to this page. I used to take care of some of your banking for you at Commerce Union Bank…we used to talk about the olden days. We called Tom Siler, cocaine Tom…as he would be so hyper reporting the weather and drawing on the map…loved when he talked about Fropahs. Bayron Sr. is still with us here in town…along with one of the early Bozo’s Dick Brackett.

    • Susan Compton Holland says:

      My sister is Kathy Compton Cypert, and she had the biggest crush on you all through elementary school! And your dad – what a great clown! I was just watching the weather with my almost-90-years old aunt, and I asked her if she remembered Bob Lobertini and Boyce Hawkins. She did, of course, and I got on my computer to see if anybody else did! Yes, all those guys did a great job, and it was obvious they had a lot of fun, too.
      I’m going to tell Kathy I emailed you. She’s living in Texas on a goat ranch with her grown son, Samuel. Go figure.

  21. John says:

    Tommy Siler now lives in Cebu Philippines as of 2011. His 34 yr old Filipina wife (Rovirose) of ten years divorced Tom in Milton, FL. Tom moved to the Philippines to be a giant amongst little people. He is not 76yrs old.

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