What the LP?

Well, it’s official. The Adelphia/Hyperion/Tennessee/Nashville Coliseum/Stadium is going to be named LP Field. I, for one couldn’t be happier. Why, do you ask? Because that’s the attitude I have always had with regard to the Titans. Since I know I have no say in any of these matters (team name, colors, logo, ownership, coaching, draft picks, thug cornerbacks, etc.), I have chosen to blindly learn to love anything they do so as to maintain my fanatical partisanship. Kind of like people who watch Fox News.

But this one makes sense. Despite what all the curmudgeons that Big Joe on the Go interviewed at the Waffle House on WKRN this morning that universally hated the idea, this is something that Nashville should rally behind. The deal with Adelphia averaged about $2,000,000/year for the team/Bud Adams. The new deal is for $3,000,000 per annum. This is a good thing. I know that taxpayers are footing a huge burden for stadium upkeep, but money that comes from naming rights eventually flows to player salaries. If there was a hole in that income stream, taxpayers and season ticket holders would ultimately have to pay more.

A friend of mine feels that these multi-millionaire owners have enough money and don’t need to sell out for a paltry few million a year. That’s certainly a noble idea, but millionaires don’t get to become multi-millionaires by stepping over easy opportunities to earn 3 large a year for hanging a sign on the outside of a building. And what’s the difference between accepting ads inside the stadium vs. putting a name on the outside? It’s all money that we as locals don’t have pay ourselves. Instead, we can share the burden with every Louisiana Pacific customer all over the world.

Also, I’m not going to listen to people bitch about the name “Louisiana Pacific.” Yes, I know we’re not in Louisiana or anywhere near the Pacific Ocean. But we’re not anywhere near Nissan, Japan or the planet Saturn and we were awfully happy to associate our state with those companies. Plus Louisiana Pacific is already moving away from that name to the more generic “LP,” ala KFC vs. Kentucky Fried Chicken. The stadium naming program will be a key component in that campaign.

We were rightfully proud when LP moved its headquarters to Nashville. They could have gone many places, but they chose us because we rolled out some serious financial incentives. Now that we have them and they are a part of our economy, we should embrace them and take any chance to get a little of the money back that we put out in the economic package. I know it goes to Bud Adams instead of the state or city, but just remember that he is going to pay it to Vince Young who will pass it on to local builders, realtors, charities, Harris Teeter, Hummer dealerships, Hunter’s Custom Auto, etc.

If you want to be worried about something, think about the fact that the Gaylord Arena is no longer sponsored by Gaylord. They’re only keeping the sign up until a new sponsor can be found. And McDonald’s has long been searching for the right naming opportunity. I’ve warned you all before. Fear the McArena!


One Response to What the LP?

  1. saraclark says:

    Does this mean all the LP stickers we have on things at my house don’t stand for Latin Percussion any more?
    I had a hard enough time learning that, instead of Liquid Propane, I can’t take another change!

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