You Gotta Have Faith, Faith, Faith

Lately, the Nashville Sounds have been getting a lot of national press about there Faith Nights at the ballpark. An enterprising group of promoters have packaged what was to be a one time only event at Greer into a national campaign. Good for them, I say. It balances out “Thirsty Thursday” and their dollar draft beers. I have seen folks wait in line for their two small cups and then get in the back of the line while they drink them. Hullo? You could do that at home or in a bar. I know, it’s all about the ambiance.

But is there anything better about the Sounds’ Faith night than the fact that last year they actually gave out John the Baptist Bobblehead dolls?!

Yes, John the Baptist. Head on a platter, Herod’s gift to Salome dude. Bobblehead.

And the jar of honey is hilarious. I know J the B lived on wild locusts and honey, but I think it makes it look like they bought some overrun Winnie the Pooh dolls and popped a He-Man head on top.

RUABelle and I actually instigated a bit of a stir at one of the earliest incarnations of Faith Night. They hadn’t organized it yet, but the Sounds staff did market certain nights to lots of smaller church groups as a family outing. Unfortunately, that was also the year that they opened the hot tub deck in right field. A friend of ours was celebrating a birthday one Saturday night and we all pitched in to rent the tub and the surrounding patio area.

Sometime around the 7th inning stretch, they started to announce all the various groups in the crowd. We could barely hear from way the hell out in the outfield, but I hollered at all the nubile young girls in bikinis and all the besotted guys in surfer shorts who were overflowing the tub and hanging off the railings of the deck. “Hey guys, they just announced Sharkey’s birthday!” Whereupon the derelicts we were with all went nuts, screaming, singing and jumping up and down and hoisting their plastic beer bottles across the field in a toast to all the folks sitting in the reserved section. (And I do mean “reserved.”) Their enthusiasm was not returned. The silence was deafening.

The PA announcer had not said anything about the birthday party in the hot tub. What he had actually said was, “and a special welcome to our guests from the Church Street Church of Christ.” I’m sure we were the topic of many a sermon the next morning.

I’m such a little stinker…


6 Responses to You Gotta Have Faith, Faith, Faith

  1. SistaSmiff says:

    I’m not going to dye-vulge my place of employment, however, where I work, I used to work in the Retail area. People would send products in to possibly be sold….the funniest thing was this cheap, ugly doll that somebody had put a beard on (supposed to be Jesus) and they put this little thing on it that played music and you push it and it played “You Light Up My Life.” The funniest thing I’ve ever seen…a Jesus doll. It was my going away gift when I left that dept.

  2. newscoma says:

    Now, ceeelcee, that’s some funny stuff.
    I would have rather have been with you derelicts that in the “reserved” section.
    They have this at the DiamondJaxx games.
    We tend to avoid this night. I guess testifying during baseball is fine for some folks, but … umm … I just want to drink beer and see someone yell at the umps.
    That’s just me. On a side note, I would give my eyeteeth to have been at the Oakland A’s disco night.
    Chaos, gotta love it.

  3. Busy Mom says:

    We were there on Faith Night a couple of weeks ago (not on purpose), AND, it was deaf night, too.

    The people in front of us won some sort of Budweiser drawing, and, later admitted that they knew they had won because they were asked in the beer line where their seats were so they could give them the prize, thus avoiding offending anyone from faith night.

    As for the deaf folks, we were in an all-deaf section. It was kind of odd, I felt like I was eavesdropping on conversations if I looked at someone. We were also at a disadvantage when there was a yelling spirit contest with the 1st base side.

  4. I prefer to forego thirsty Thursday in favor of faith night.

    I Iike baseball, I like to drink, but I can’t stand to be around other staggering drunks whilst staggering drunk.

  5. nusnekub says:

    He almost c8w1 whispered. Oh, big, sit down. . I. Let you. Legs splayed over c8ww the balls were quite.

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