World Cup a Go-Go

Greetings from the international terminal of Atlanta/Hartsfield airport where it looks like rush hour in Beijing. The place is stuffed to the gills, and it looks like 2/3 of the folks are either on the way to or from Germany for the World Cup. Multi-colored football jerseys are the travel clothes of choice and the roars of hopes rising and crashing on the pitch are eminating from every airport bar with a television.

If I didn’t know better, I’d say some people actually care about this stuff.

We saw something fairly creepy in the food court. A woman was pushing a baby carriage with three young kids of various ages piled on top of each other and hanging over the sides. She was wearing a t-shirt advertising some sort of teen abstinence pledge that read in big, bold letters, “I gave my word to stop at third!”

From the looks of that baby carriage, it looks like somebody stole home at least three times…Batter up!


3 Responses to World Cup a Go-Go

  1. newscoma says:

    Can I carry the luggage of you and Ruabelle next time you head out of town?
    I’m good at it. I will only drop it about five times a day and I will test all the beer you drink to make sure your not poisoned or anything.
    Just saying.

  2. SistaSmiff says:

    Yeah, Chris and Ruabelle live the life it sounds like some of us dream about. I know…how bout Uncle Chris and Aunt Ruabelle do a little babysattin’ sos Sista and Mista can gallavant all about the world???? Oh wait….nevermind….we can’t gallavant cause we have kids and are too poor to gallavant. Well, it’s nice to live vicariously. You must give a full report when you return.

    Last time I was at Hartsfield, I was running through the terminal with a 4 and 5 year old in tow, desperately trying to get to the plane to Nashville. Then I found out a couple days later I was with child.

  3. “I gave my word to stop at third.”

    I . . . will . . . not. . . make. . . joke. . . about . . .another . . . fingering . . .post . . .

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