What Jet Lag?

How could I be lagging when I was lucky enough to have lunch at the “bbq joint of the people” with my muse, Sista Smiff and blogger-mom royalty like Busy Mom? It was much fun to swap stories about blogging and play the “do you know?” game about folks we grew up with.

I thought the most telling comment was how we admitted we were pretty shy people, but that we were more comfortable in environments like this lunch with strangers that we already knew.

At the next table was Kerry Woo and his wife who was nice enough to serve as photographer to document the event. More great blogger people.

And the pork sandwich was particularly excellent today.

Thanks to all the folks who made for a great lunch! Pass the Tums.


4 Responses to What Jet Lag?

  1. Busy Mom says:

    It was fun, Rod enjoyed it, too!

  2. SistaSmiff says:

    I’ve done spoken with Sir Steve and he’s all over the Blog Video.

  3. Kerry Woo says:

    What a great surprise – could it be that meeting up for BBQ is more trendy than Starbucks?
    I’ll send over the photo shortly but will abide by the blogger’s code to NEVER reveal actual identities!

  4. Malia says:

    Man! I missed it! I was out of town, hanging with Yankees. Maybe another time…

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