Well, That Was Delightful.

I’ve managed to get through half the day without screwing it up. Let’s recount:

I was actually early to my 10:30 meeting.

I missed the bumper of that truck by this much as I did my 5 lane power-merge across the I-65/I-40 interchange. I always drive RUABelle’s car too fast.

I had a great lunch with Aunt B. and RUABelle talking about dogs and our various “grey sheep” siblings.

The ride from lunch back to work was occupied almost entirely by Adam Ant’s “Strip” on 96.3 Jack FM. (Ok, that one’s a miss.)

Fingers crossed.


7 Responses to Well, That Was Delightful.

  1. Busy Mom says:

    I prefer “Rump Shaker” myself.

  2. SistaSmiff says:

    Being that I’m not quite as elderly as you (and others, ahem) my Adam Ant knowledge consists of “Stand And Deliver” and “Goody Two Shoes.” I DO, however, remember when it was Adam and the Ants. Wasn’t it? Or did I just dream that?

  3. Does anybody else remember that episode of Northern Exposure where Adam Ant played a British rockstar of all things? It was long after his fame had faded, yet he looked to be in pretty good health.

  4. fishwreck says:

    You mean Episode 4.4 Heroes?

    Right on, sista, it was Adam and the Ants for about the first eight iterations, and then he got really famous.

    And just in case you were wondering — whatever happened to Adam Ant. (Dont’ ask.)

  5. Busy Mom says:

    Sista? ^

    I will strike you with my bifocals just as soon as I adjust my hearing aid.

  6. newscoma says:

    Okay, my sister Homer and I saw Adam Ant in Nashville about 112 years ago. I have no shame in having seen him. The tickets were free, if I recall.
    Hold on, my dentures just fell out.

  7. SistaSmiff says:

    Wasn’t he in a cartoon, too? No that was Atom Ant.

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