Black Water

Senor Knucklehead has got an amusing post about his mom doing the laundry and leaving damp clothes in the washer. It brought to mind yet another embarrasing story about myself that I (always) feel compelled to share with you, dear readers.

When the DogDoc and I lived together on 33rd Avenue, we had a “donated” avocado green washer and dryer in our kitchen. After almost a year of sporadic use, the washer finally quit midway through a cycle while still full of water. We both ignored it for a couple of days until one of us, or maybe it was a visiting chick, finally fished out the clothes with a broomstick.

They stunk to high heaven, but we still had no way to drain the washer. And neither one of us wanted to bail out the stank-water. So we just kept a can of Lysol on top of the washing machine and sprayed it whenever we walked through the kitchen.

Eventually, the larvae which were swimming in the washer hatched and we found ourselves with a swarm of flies and mosquitos hovering over the machine and circling the kitchen. So we finally buckled down and did the only thing we could think of to remedy the situation.

We moved out.


One Response to Black Water

  1. SistaSmiff says:

    To quote our friend, the late Lewis Grizzard….

    Don’t believe I’d’a told that.

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