11:30 lunch at the Mothership today should include some seldom seen celebrities.

Besides Knuck, Kerry Woo and myself, Sista Smiff is planning to bring #2 son. The often-lurking, previously seldom-posting Fishwreck is making his virgin voyage to the Mothership along with his friend and compatriot, the JagerBomber.

Last, but not least, I am introducing my lovely RUABelle to more of my blogger friends.

Y’all come! (And don’t scare her off.)


One Response to Porkapalooza

  1. I would a stopped by, but I had a lunch time pick-up kickball game scheduled. I couldn’t blow it off because I had the ball.

    The NashTrash bus driver called us slackers.

    Big words from a lady in a pink bus.

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