We Interrupt This Snarkery for the Following Commercial Announcement…

I debated with myself about revealing the online company I work for out of fear of appearing too self-serving. But then I decided, hell, I voted for Rex L. Camino and I’ve eaten a truckload of Mothership BBQ, so why not introduce my cyberfriends to another side of me? I might actually be offering some of them a valuable service, and I could possibly make literally ones of dollars from the exercise.

The cheesy picture from yesterday’s post comes from http://www.ideaart.com. Congratulations to NewsComa, BusyMom, Nashville Knucklehead, saraclark and CanIBFrank for guessing correctly and to Kerry Woo for guessing frequently. Your prizes are in the mail. (honest.)

Idea Art is a company which I own with my two brothers which we bought from my father when his Parkinson’s Disease became too advanced for him to run it anymore. Idea Art sells preprinted letterheads, brochures, greeting cards, business cards, postcards, certificates, etc. which are all designed to run through your desktop printer so that you can look like you created a really cool professionally-designed piece.

We also sell blank paper which you can put your own designs on, as well as some of that crafty confetti, Fiskar scissors, raffia sorta stuff for making your own fancy invitations.

I’m not real talented in that way, so I appreciate the instructions that come in the catalog.

We do most of our business through a mail order catalog which we send literally millions through the USPS every year. Our web business is constantly expanding, and my buddy over at Fishwreck is responsible for the growth and the kickin’ redesign of the website. Feel free to give it a visit.

If any DrySpot readers do want to purchase any of these products either online or at (800) IDEA-ART, go ahead and use the discount code “SPOT” and you’ll receive 10% off of your order. Just because we’re cool that way.

We now return to your regularly scheduled blog.


10 Responses to We Interrupt This Snarkery for the Following Commercial Announcement…

  1. ceeelcee says:

    I should hope we sell out of something. July sucked!

  2. saraclark says:

    The cute kitty on the cover made me pull the catalog back out of the place where the marketing people threw it.

  3. fishwreck says:

    Sweet! The new cover concept works!

    Maybe Knuck would appreciate the sellout more if we sampled him some nice table tents for the ‘Ship. I’m sure we must have something delightfully tacky on the donation skid….

  4. fishwreck says:

    Oh, the photo shoot for the next catalog is coming up soon. Post your suggestions/requests here for ceeelcee chairman poses….

    Currently, I’m favoring football blocking stances, but I’ve heard something about yoga positions being more in touch with our predominantly female customer base.

  5. Kathy T. says:

    Well cool beans. I’ll bookmark you and tell all my realtor friends!

  6. Busy Mom says:

    Bloggers should go on the next cover. I’m female, I’d toss something with yoga positions.

  7. ceeelcee says:

    sara-Thanks for resucing us from the round file. Good kitty!

    Kathy T-That’s exactly what we’re looking for. Let me know if you want a sample of anything.

    B-Mo-Are you volunteering to model? Because I don’t think anybody wants to see my butt crack hanging out of yoga pants while I struggle to touch my knees.

  8. fishwreck says:

    Haha! Toss. I had a completely different idea of “toss” in mind when I first read that. Ceeelcee bent over in yoga tights… Here come the cookies!

    I dunno about bloggers on the cover, but we would like to have a free lance blogger who talks about business communication in a way the utilizes products like ours. If anyone knows such a person, you know who to tell.

  9. Busy Mom says:

    Sure, I’ll model. I een have a head shot already. It’s right there —>

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