The Ford Freestyle

Ford can call it a “Crossover vehicle” or a “car/SUV hybrid clone” if they want to.

That sum’bitch is a minivan!

I still want one, though. 27 MPG!

Does that officially make me old?


9 Responses to The Ford Freestyle

  1. fishwreck says:

    I thought you had to have kids or a floral business to get a minivan. At least that’s what the commericals for minivans imply. Maybe that’s what they mean by “crossover vehicle” — get this vehicle on your way from an SUV to a minivan.

    Next thing we know, you’ll be wanting kids to go with it….

  2. SistaSmiff says:

    What’s wrong with a minivan?!?!??! You practically drive one now. It’s big enough to hold the whole Brady Bunch, including Alice and Tiger.

  3. jag says:

    Hell, for a hybrid I’d wear polyester elastic pants and glasses on a necklace. Old, schmold.

  4. No, that car doesn’t make you old. What makes you old is the fact that you are old.

  5. Kerry Woo says:

    I have always loved the minivan concept, if anything just to have the elbow room which my 1995 Honda Odyssey gives me. Been lusting for Honda Element which I hope to snag for Christmas. If you go for that Ford, get the recall free option.

  6. Kathy T. says:

    Ooo-la-la. That’s one sweet set of wheels!

  7. newscoma says:

    I drive a PT.
    What the hell do I know?
    But damn, I look pretty damn cool for an old broad in a Chrysler.

  8. My friends and I are all going through the “do we have to buy a minivan and since we do will we still be half cool” issues right now. We’ve got 1-2 kids, and no matter what car you have, you quickly realize when they get to school age, if you want to carpool to dance, soccer, get pizza, etc., a minivan is the only vehicle that makes sense. It sucks.

  9. TireAstoria says:


    Goodyear Eagle F1

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