Hazy Wednesday

I’ve been feeling kinda out of sorts today. I finally realized what it was. Teresa Weakley’s not around to wish me a “Happy Hump Day.

I’ll have to muddle through somehow.

Update–TWeakley’s back, and it sounds like she has the same summer cold that has been beating me down this week. I swear, RUABelle, I’ve never met her. I don’t know how we got the same cold.

Must be a computer virus.

Still no “Happy Hump Day,” though.


5 Responses to Hazy Wednesday

  1. Busy Mom says:

    Insert some sort of *my humps* comment here.

  2. SistaSmiff says:

    Teresa was back this morning…something with the cable or something with Channel 2 News this morning was high on crack or something.

    Cee…you are old enough to be her daddy. You arta be ashamed to talk about humping and Teresa in one sentence.

  3. newscoma says:

    Proving I don’t have Channel 2 on the Dish, who is Teresa Weakley? 🙂

  4. Sista,

    You left out the word “sugar” between “her” and “daddy.”

    (On an unrelated note, my word verification is “oenopfex” which looks to me like a word meaning the effect a wine snob has on the final total of the check at dinner.)

  5. Très bon article merci

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