Follow Me to Freedom

RUABelle and I just went through a weekend with no internet access. Since the thunderstorms of Thursday night, we have had something wrong with the Comcast connection that has rendered us incommunicado. The timing was unfortunate since she has her first day teaching a new kindergarten class coming up and was depending on the web for some ideas.

But to me, it was actually fairly liberating. I admit that I didn’t catch up on that Doestoevsky summer reading I had planned, but I did get some household and yard tasks accomplished. I also got all of my news through traditional media outlets for the first time in a long time. I decided that it is too slow for me, and don’t like not being able to choose where I get my info if I have to watch 30 minutes of one news show.

The surprising thing was that you can actually get a Comcast service call on a Sunday afternoon. The bad part is that there is no guarantee that they will actually get anything done. It was entertaining to watch the tech rep have to sit on hold with the same Comcast customer service interminable wait that the rest of us do when something goes wrong.

It turned out that when I stood in line at Comcast headquarters on Saturday to get a new modem to replace the one fried by the storm, nobody in customer service actually registered the new device with their system. I had thought about buying a new modem instead of being the last dumbass to actually rent one from the cable company, but the Geek Squad dude at Staples said that Comcast’s system is so screwed up and proprietary it’s actually worth the couple of bucks a month to make them fix it when it screws up. He told me that he rents his modem even though he sells them.

She also took a look at our TV signal which had become sketchy, at best. It turns out that the “new” cable box I had gotten on Saturday was actually a bad one that had been returned by a customer because it didn’t work. Errr, thanks, Comcast. I think next month I’ll pay my bill with a bad check that’s already been returned by another creditor because there wasn’t enough money in my account.

The biggest drama came from the damage that the Comcast rep inflicted on our house. Apparently her van was leaking oil, because now I have a huge nasty puddle in my driveway. But the worst environmental offense was from the tech rep herself. I hate to talk bad about someone, but Jeez! This woman had the worst BO we’ve ever encountered, and like the used car in Seinfeld, it has taken over the two rooms she was in and won’t go away. We’ve tried Febreze, candles, Lysol, Oxyclean. Nothing works.

Any advice on how to defunkify our office?


6 Responses to Follow Me to Freedom

  1. SistaSmiff says:

    I would send Comcast a bill for getting the oil off the driveway AND for her lack of personal hygiene. For real. I don’t know that they’d do anything but I’d shore as heck complain about the bad smellin’ gal.

  2. newscoma says:

    Stink, huh?
    Ain’t nothing like a stinky girl, except maybe a stinky guy.
    Long Live Dial Soap.

  3. ceeelcee says:

    In her defense, she was very helpful for somebody who had to work on a Sunday afternoon.

    She did manage to unplug my cable in the basement during the last lap of the Nextel race. Well played, Mademoiselle LePew.

  4. I had so much trouble with Comcast in June I was ready to get a dish. I had four worthless service calls and I was double billed. They wouldn’t have done anything if I hadn’t told them I was going to stop the services. The least they could have done was give me a free night of On Demand movies. The best they could do is give me a bloody $16 discount. I still might jump ship

  5. Kerry Woo says:

    DirecTV is the way to go for channel selections, price vs. value and picture quality (except during intense thunderstorms and downpours) – I use the Comcast internet and considering that internet access is my work’s lifeline, I’m pretty satisfied with the connections.

    As for stink, maybe she missed her Saturday bath. Seriously, I wouldn’t call Comcast – be terrible to one’s self esteem for losing a job over personal B.O.

  6. Malia says:

    Opening windows – I know, I know, in this heat and humidity – is your best bet for ridding the odor, that and time, unforunately. Those other methods just leave your room smelling like flowery B.O., even worse!

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