Messing with a Sleeping Bear

Long time readers know I’ve had some, ahem, disagreements with the Internal Revenue Service. I settled their last issue with me by sending them a form I accidentally didn’t mail in 2004 and a check for a couple hundred bucks.

But here’s the rub, apparently I overpayed or they didn’t figure the interest correctly. So now the IRS owes me money. Ninety cents. Did they just send me a check? No.

If they owe you less than a buck, they send a notice that if you want your money, you need to send them a request for your money. So let’s all do the math, I have to send a letter (paper-$.02, envelope-$.05, postage-$.39) to get my check for $.90, which I’ll have to drive to the bank to deposit (gas-$1.00).

Everything logical in me says not to do it. But the Libertarian smart-ass in me thinks that if I owed the IRS $.90, I’d damn sure have to pay it. How vindictive do you think they are? Should I kick this sleeping bear? I’ve always been as honest as possible with my taxes and generally decline to try and find extra loopholes. Is it time to make a stand or give the gub-mint a little slack?

Just doing my part to help balance the federal budget.


4 Responses to Messing with a Sleeping Bear

  1. fishwreck says:

    There’s not a direct deposit option?

  2. Kathy T. says:

    I’d spend the money on postage, envelope, paper, etc. and make them pay you. It’s like when I got notice from my daughter’s doctor that they were sending me to a collection agency because I owed $3.00. Yes, you read that right… it was for three dollars. Stupidly, I figured I’d just pay it next time we went in, then my kids didn’t get sick for two months. How unfortunate for me!

  3. newscoma says:

    BBQ this weekend?
    With me and Rodentia?
    Or are you off to eat the bait in the mountains?
    Coming in late Friday night.
    Or beer.
    Entirely up to you.

  4. GunGeek says:

    I made a really minor math mistake (ME? A *math* mistake? Whoa.) on my South Carolina income taxes last year and they sent me a notice explaining what I did and that I owed them something like a couple or three bucks. It also said that since it was less than $5 (or was it $4?) that I could just ignore it and they would drop the matter.

    I’m thinking of doing that every year now…..

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