Intelligent Design?

Why did God invent chiggers, and why did he send 20 of them to
attack my “bathing suit area” after yesterday’s yard work?

Update-for my (lucky) readers who have never encountered chiggers, I’ve included a link to the wikipedia article on harvest mites. No, I don’t need to go back to the Lentz Clinic.


11 Responses to Intelligent Design?

  1. Michael says:

    I’m sure He had some great design for them….

    But at this piont, your guess is as good as mine..

  2. Anonymous says:

    what kind of bathing suit?

  3. newscoma says:

    Pseudo-Syphillis, a raging headache and chiggers.
    You’ve had a big week.

  4. SistaSmiff says:

    I don’t claim to understand why the good Lord thought we needed chiggahs. I do, however, feel confident that He did not intend for us to have to get a mental image of your ay-ree-uh.

    Get you some Aveeno itchy stuff and put it in a bath and soak.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Chiggers, my friends, keep you honest.

    Sister Sara

  6. Kat Coble says:

    Were you planning on entering a dance contest?

  7. Heather says:

    Oh, I am so sorry.

    I once thought they were apt punishment for kissing a boy in the woods when I was twelve. I certainly didn’t do that again.

  8. What the heck is a chigger?

  9. HUCK says:

    I know you’re making another point here, but I can’t let this go by without some clarification.

    Once you remove us as the focus of the purpose for the universe, you don’t have to ask questions like, “Who do chiggers benefit?” or “What purpose do chiggers have?”.

    This planet, this universe, etc, etc, etc… wasn’t made just for us. We have to share it with everything and everyone else.

    – I paraphrase my Mom when she answered my childhood question, “Mom, what good are ants.”

  10. HUCK says:

    …By the way…

    I hear clear finger nail polish applied over the offending area will cause the little buggers to suffocate and die, and thus end their tiny tirade upon your tender parts.

  11. Heather says:

    Unfortunately, it isn’t true, Huck. We did some research after my husband was bit last year. That horrid itchy spot isn’t the chigger itself, it’s called a cytostome (sp?) it’s a tube it made in your skin, through which it drew blood. It will “itch like hell” until it heals.


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