This Bratwurst Tastes Great…

…It tastes like VICTORY!

I’m proud of our boys. It wasn’t pretty, but we got it done.

Scanning the roster, I realized that if we hadn’t lost Carlos Hall to free agency last year, we could’ve had A. Hall, B. Hall and C. Hall on the team at the same time. At least until tomorrow when A & B hit the bricks.

It probably didn’t help when all the Packer fans were booing Ingle Martin for stepping daintily out of bounds on the five yard line on fourth down and seven that I said, “Y’know. He’s from Nashville. He went to the all boys school I dropped out of.” Luckily, the icy glares cooled me down a little bit and got my body temp under a hundred.

Or maybe it was the beers.

Well, we’re headed out to a Friday night perch fry and then back home tomorrow. I’ll pack some cheese curds in my carry on for Sim Nashville.


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