How It Could Work

Three ways to get from Midway Airport to the Hyatt Regency-Chicago:

1.) Taxi-1 hour-$38.00 (The way my boss took)
2.) Multi-hotel shuttle bus-1 1/2 hours-$27.00
3.) CTA Orange Line train-30 minutes + a 5 minute, four block walk on a pretty morning-$2.00

Guess which way CeeElCheapskate took? Somebody appoint me to the MTA board and I’ll get this crap worked out!

Thus endeth the sermon.


One Response to How It Could Work

  1. John H says:

    The first time Lynn and I visited Chicago, we took Option 2 (not knowing that opt. 3 existed. We took several buses and had to transfer some heavy luggage along the way. At one point, I am pretty sure we were in a suburb of Baghdad.

    Subsequently, we’ve rolled on option 3. As the kids RocKs!

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