Playin’ Hooky

I got done a little early with the convention I was attending in Chicago and caught an early flight home. It took about ten minutes on the plane for me to make up a to-do list of 11 things I’d been putting off doing because I haven’t been home to run errands in a couple of months.

So I didn’t go back to work today. I was able to do most of my running around on foot on a beautiful crisp fall day. I also got to exchange smiles with several pretty Vandy and Belmont co-eds in passing. I even got my first haircut I didn’t do myself in the last six months. I like my barber because he has Playboy in the magazine rack and either SportsCenter or bad TNT movies on the television every time I go in. “Broken Arrow,” if you’re curious.

I crossed ten of the eleven items off the list within three hours, and all that’s left is a trip to the DMV. I don’t mind putting that one off a little longer.

This not working thing…I could get used to it.


3 Responses to Playin’ Hooky

  1. Kerry Woo says:

    Fix your teeth before going to the DMV; also I have an Elvis wig if you wish…

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