They’re Making It Tough to Do the Right Thing

The MTA bus drivers’ union cancelled their threatened strike late Sunday night, averting a real mess for thousands of commuters and students that depend on the system to get around.

But I think they’re taking it out on us. Yesterday and again this morning I had to chase down two buses that were running five minutes early. Then the connecting bus from downtown was a half an hour late. Add those together and it makes for a long-ass wait at the shelter.

Now for me, it’s just an inconvenience. But there’s a lot of people on this bus with their KFC and Mapco uniforms on. I hope their employers are as understanding as mine is.

Who am I kidding? I’ll finally walk into my office about a half hour later than usual at 8:15. I’ll still beat my boss in by at least two hours. Maybe I’ll walk up to Hardee’s…


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