My Geekineth Runneth Over

It’s been Geek Week here at The Dry Spot. First off, my buddy Kerry Woo turned me on to a new product from his company called “Voice-It“. I know there’s a few of you all out there that are Treo users like me, but even the rest of you should thank WonderDawg for this. The program is the first actual functioning voice dialer accessory for the Treo I’ve ever encountered, and it will probably save some lives.

You may know that I like to live-blog from the road. Sometimes that literally means from the road. So basically I’m a danger to society as I swerve down the highway, typing with my thumb on that tiny-ass keyboard. Voice-it has made the world a safer place by allowing me to dial anyone in my (huge) address book by simply saying their name or a nickname which I assign. I’ll leave it to you to try to guess who has the voice command of “Butt Crust.”

I’m not one of those guys who likes to read instruction manuals, especially when they come in a pdf format. I do sell paper for a living, you know…Luckily, the program is very intuitive to set up and use, although it was a little bit of a memory hog on my 1st generation Treo 600. I had to cull through some old programs to make some space, but that was a housecleaning that needed to happen anyway. As Kerry said, strip poker on that miniscule screen really didn’t cut it in the first place. So in summary, CeeElCee gives Voice-it four Dry Spots out of five!

Speaking of Kerry and my geekiness, he was nice enough to invite me to the Nashville Palm Users Group meeting this Saturday. I can’t make it since RUABelle and I will be hosting Newscoma and the Rodent Queen as part of the “Out Utero 2006 Tour” which makes a stop by our cabin in the Tennessee Hamptons this weekend. You can count on much Bass Ale being consumed from the safety of a prone position. As opposed to the last time we visited.

Kerry also pointed out that another of my favorite bloggers, Kate O, was a power Treo user. But I knew that alreay because in a flash of bizarre kismet, I had received a newsletter from that spotlighted Kate as member of the week. Beautiful, a talented musician, an ex-Netflix employee, a very interesting blogger and a Treo geek? I’ll take Kate over that empty halter-top Amanda “Hugginkiss” Congdon any day. Err, and of course by “take” I mean read, respect, respond, redact and retract. After all, she is married and I’m in a committed relationship. Oh, and word is, I might have syphilis. Never mind.


4 Responses to My Geekineth Runneth Over

  1. fishwreck says:

    So what exactly goes on at “palm users group”? A bunch of guys sitting around sharing tips and techniques for getting the most satisfaction from using their palms? I hope there aren’t any demos…. Never mind.

  2. Michael says:


    It depends on the user group, but speaking on behalf of NPUG, ours is a little bit different.

    For starters, we utilize more of a presentation style, than just a bunch of people around a table approach. So there’s PowerPoint and in-depth discussion on a specific topic for the month. Topics range from “Video on your Palm”, to GTD, to “Pimpin’ Out Your Treo” It’s informal, but there’s an agenda so as not to waste anyone’s time.

    At the end of the meeting, we have door prizes. This month, we’re giving away over $2,500 worth of giveaways including three devices, one of which is a Treo of your choice.

    Is it geeky? A little bit, of course, but our group is really targeted to the average person. Our members range from soccer moms to CEOs and everything in between.

    If you can make this Saturday’s meeting, we’d love for you to join us and check it out yourself. Oh, and it’s all free. 🙂

  3. newscoma says:

    “Out Utero 2006”??
    Hysterical. We are bringing you useless Halloween surprises, so be ready as Edna will be missing around the 31st.

  4. Kate O' says:

    Retractions probably aren’t necessary. Respect is nice, but how much respect can you have for someone who doesn’t even know what “redact” means? Anyway, I’m glad you’re reading and responding.

    I’d totally go to that NPUG meeting if it weren’t for Oktoberfest. Maybe we can both get to the next one and pass each other notes via Bluetooth. That’d be a true exercise in geekineth.

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