Go Drink High on That Mountain

RUABelle and I were lucky enough to be one of the final stops on the world (well, statewide) tour of the Rodent Queen, Newscoma and her contumacious cooter. We spent a delightful weekend touring Sewanee, eating good food, drinking good drink, watching football and generally solving most of the world’s crises. We can’t give you all the solutions at once, because we’re afraid we’d blow your minds. No, literally, your collective heads would explode. We’ll dole them out as they become necessary. Consider it our “October Surprise.”

Among the things I learned this weekend:

1.) Three women + me in the house = seat down…all the time.
2.) Bass Ale makes a darn fine beer.
3.) Having sex with your intern is kinda like eating Funyuns. You may enjoy it while it’s happening, but the overwhelming sensation will eventually be regret.
4.) Nutella is good. Damn good.
5.) The Rodent Queen is very probably the most knowledgeable of all The Staggering Prophets when it comes to sports. (and anything else, for that matter) She just needs to speak up more often and louder.
6.) There are no actual Democrats running for any important offices in this year’s Tennessee elections.
7.) If you choose between the lesser of two evils, you’re still choosing evil. (See #6.)
8.) The dog actually likes me if she’s really tired…too tired to run away when I hug her and pick her up. I should have remembered this from college.
9.) Top ten lists are so over.


2 Responses to Go Drink High on That Mountain

  1. saraclark says:

    You need to learn both the joys and evils of deepfried Nutella desert wontons and a layered pound cake concoction that cooks on a grill. Both of them can be cooked man-style in order to win over both men and women.

  2. newscoma says:

    Lovely time had by all.
    Rodent Queen is knowledgeable about a lot. You should watch Australian Football with her sometime.
    And Nutella and Bass.
    Not so good together but awesome apart.
    Tell RUA hello!!!! We’re saving you box seats to the rodeo!!

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