Sorry Aunt B

It was a fair drawing, witnessed by several reputable poll watchers and Jimmy Carter. The envelope was held over my head and I reached in and pulled out the first piece of paper I touched.

I’m a little bit conflicted by the choice. I’ve never been somebody you would describe as “trendy,” and I know lots of folks who root for the Cubs because they are lovable losers and they like to drink Bud and Old Style.

But I also have a few very good friends who live and die with the Cubs despite the fact that they are the worst team in the National League. They love them in spite of the fact that if something bad can happen to a team, it will happen to the Cubs. They sit day in and day out (and now unfortunately night in and night out) at the bar watching WGN and reminiscing about the days of Harry Carey while their hopes are crashed daily against the rocks of fate. They take pride in the fact that their most famous icon was an addled alcoholic announcer and that their management continues to make wrong decision after wrong decision. In the face of all of this, their devotion remains stalwart.

I wanna be that kind of Cubs fan.

Let’s play two today!


11 Responses to Sorry Aunt B

  1. Aunt B says:

    This post has been removed by the author.

  2. Aunt B says:

    Aw, shit. I deleted my last comment because I came up with a better punchline and I’ve forgotten it.

    Anyway, I am shocked and hurt.

    You know they traded Dawson and Grace, right? They both don’t win AND they aren’t loyal to their players.

    They are an evil disgrace upon this nation, and I say that as a girl once sure her first born daughter would be named Addison Grace.

  3. sista says:

    The Cubs are good. Like I give a rats ass, but, the Cubs are good.

  4. bridgett says:

    The Cubs are the RedSox of the National League. I’m satisfied.

  5. Anonymous says: people do know all pro sports are fixed, right?

  6. Sarcastro says:

    Now, if you can’t trust a fix, what can you trust? For a good return, you gotta go bettin’ on chance – and then you’re back with anarchy, right back in the jungle.

  7. John H says:

    don’t you have enough pain rooting for Vanderbilt football? Trust me, I know the long-time pain as a Vandy fan. I couldn’t bear to add the freakin’ CUBS to that’ll have nearly YEAR-ROUND losing.

    You’ll be subjected to the 4 month tight-rope speculation of ‘will Kerry Wood’s arm be ok sometime this year, and when will Prior be ready’ only to find out that this same old Prior and Wood shit has been vaudevilling Cubs management for 4 years.

    You shoulda picked the Yanks.

    Gear up for depression!

  8. Kerry Woo says:

    With the Cubs being in Chicago coupled with low Southwest airfares, all of the sudden the business trips are looking better and better.

  9. newscoma says:

    Being that I’m a die-hard Cards fan, we can become nemesis.
    RQ is worried for your state of mind.
    The Goat Curse man, the Goat Curse.

  10. Trebor says:

    A *Real* die-hard Cubs fan fondly remembers Jack Brickhouse. Hary Carrey was a carpetbagger.

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