Get on Up-ah! Like a Sex Machine

I know that today is election day, but I voted a couple weeks ago so I figure there’s really not much I can do about it now. And I know that the CMA’s were last night, but I want to address a country music topic that I can’t believe has been overlooked by the local blogging cognoscenti.

This is a quote from Sara Evan’s divorce filing talking about her husband Craig and his deviant sexual habits:

“On his computer, husband maintains ‘Craigs Lists,’” the filing claims. “Many of them involve requests for three party sex and anal sex. Husband’s ‘Craigs Lists’ are composed of personal ads on his personal sex engine involving him and prospective sex partners.’”

Did no one at Sara’s attorney’s office or anywhere in the media know what the hell Craig’s List really is? Did they really think that every request for man to man and man to woman and woman to woman and man to monkey sex on the entire national classified network was the responsibility of a frail little right-wing Oregonian transplant living off his baritone wife’s coattails?

“Yeah Sara, your husband posted 6784 requests for sex today. And apparently he’s trying to sell your old microwave and give away some U-Haul boxes.”

As Bugs would say, “What a buncha maroons!”

p.s. Where do I get one of those “personal sex engines?”


4 Responses to Get on Up-ah! Like a Sex Machine

  1. sista smiff says:

    Cee, you’re having a Coble moment…I’m doing you like I did her the other night when she threw a large word I don’t know…say what?

    cognoscenti>i think you made that one up.

  2. newscoma says:

    Are you serious?
    Kee-rist. That’s really, really, really ignorant.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sticking the James Brown song in my brain!


  4. I plan on purchasing a sex machine, but I’m waiting on a hybrid model.

    I like my perversions with a touch of frugality.

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