I Shoulda Worn Sweatpants Today

I’m just back from a wonderful Friday lunch at Monell’s, sharing delicious dishes and delicious dish with that delicious dish, Sista Smiff.

Yeah, we talked about you.

Don’t worry. It was all nice stuff.

Bless your heart.


6 Responses to I Shoulda Worn Sweatpants Today

  1. Kat Coble says:

    Oh man. Monell’s. I LOVE Monell’s.

    We should do a group gig there at some point…it’s better when you take up the whole blessed table.

  2. Kerry Woo says:

    Monell’s… put us down for two as well for a group gig. Christmas time is special over at Monell’s.

  3. sis says:

    We do need to plan something for Christmas, people. Just don’t do it on the 9th.

    Turnip greens….jeez louise. I thawt I was gonna have to slap Cee since my mama wasn’t there.

  4. ohhh, so that’s why my little pointy ears were burning.

  5. Kathy T. says:

    If it was casual Friday, they have some elastic waist jeans. My husband says, though, that elastic is not our friend.

  6. It were right nice to meet ya, today. 🙂

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