The Dry Spot Index

With apologies to the Harper’s Index.

Number of posts to The Dry Spot to date: 301
Days between 1st post and #100: 106
Days between #101 and #200: 90
Days between #201 and #300: 74
References to the lovely RUABelle without giving away her real name: 92
References to Jim, er, The Nashville Knucklehead without giving away his real name: 33
Trips to the Mothership since it opened: 22
MTA bus trips since I said I’d try to ride it once a week: 44
Posts which refer to or revolve around my bowels: 7
References to my false positive syphilis test: 8
Highest rank of the Dry Spot when searching Google for “kahlua and breast milk”: 2
Magicians which hijacked my site: 2
Mentions of the word “shit”: 11
Mentions of the word “fuck”: 7
Trip reports or travelogues: 23
Fights picked with the IRS: 3
Attempts at political commentary: 5
Readers who give a crap about my political views: 0


4 Responses to The Dry Spot Index

  1. newscoma says:

    You only dropped the F-Bomb seven times?
    That’s pretty good when you think about it.
    I think I drop the word asshat about five times a day.
    Happy 301st Post.

  2. ConeBone69 says:

    Bud Light presents “Real Men of Genius”

    “Real Men of Genius”

    Today BUD LIGHT salutes you Mr. 300 Blog Poster Guy.

    “Mr. 300 Blog Poster Guy….”

    While most people are out actually having a fun social life you are blogging about it on your tiny computer screen. Right mouse click, create and edit post or click the little update box at the right.

    “Ohh, click me again…”

    You have people on your site meter list you don’t know but you still loyally read their blogs everyday to see what they are up to… borderline stalking I’d say.

    “Am I stalking you?…”

    So crack open an ice cold Bud Light and don’t wander too far from your computer because you never know when someone may comment. Oh and don’t try to formulate any clever rebuttals about this because no matter how you look at it, you got called out.

    “Mr. 300 Blog Poster Guy….”

  3. ceeelcee says:

    Hey, I’m all about David Bickler getting some extra scratch to go with his Survivor royalties.

    So rock on, Mr. ConeBone. But try to get to sleep before 1:00 is you can. Somebody has to put new jalapeno dogs on the grease rollers at Mapco early tomorrow morning.

  4. Kerry Woo says:

    Congrats! Dude, I’ll crack open a cold Bud Light on your behalf! Funny stuff –

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