Mountain Pix

I promised a few folks I’d post some pictures of another or my favorite Sewanee gravesites. So here ya’ go:

We live in the Garnertown area of the mountaintop. Yup, it’s named after the famous moonshiner.

One more photo for you:

Two observations-First of all, Nellie the Nervous Pudelhund has obviously come a long way since she used to want to bite me and crap and pee all over me whenever I tried to pick her up. Secondly, I grow my beard out every Thanksgiving to see how much grayer it has gotten since last year. The answer is a lot.


4 Responses to Mountain Pix

  1. John H says:

    cool pics. Enjoyed eating lunch with ya yesterday.

    People in the city have generally boring tombstones compared to our ‘rural’ friends..

  2. newscoma says:

    You know this delighted those of us in west Tennessee beyond the area of reason.
    Like the face hair.

  3. Lynnster says:

    Love the stone, I’ve never seen that one!

    And very glad for your sake that Nellie is no longer interested in biting or defecating on you. Heh!

    I’ve never really had a problem with either but never the latter. Well, except the unfixed male cat who marked the back of my head as his territory once. Needless to say he got neutered very shortly after that incident.

  4. Sara Sue says:

    That is the best headstone EVER! I can hear Dixie playing faintly in the background every time I look at it!

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