Learning to Build a Watch

Thanks to everyone for their advice on my sizing dilemma with regard to women’s clothing. I had always recognized that there was something vaguely nefarious and shrouded when women’s clothing manufacturers were sizing their wares, but I had no idea how far-reaching the trouble was. I’m sure RUABelle will end up with something that she’s not completely embarrassed to wear in public.

Another item on her wish list was an iPod. Alright! That’s right up my alley. I immediately switched into CNET mode and started the discovery process. There are a lot of things to consider when buying an expensive piece of electronics, and I take a quiet joy in doing the research.

Me: OK, you know there’s a lot of different kinds of iPods, right?

Her: Sure, remember I bought you one for your birthday?

Me: Oh yeah. (sotto voce) And I swapped it out for another one.

Her: Why don’t you just get me one like that?

Me: Well, there’s no need to have two of the exact same ones since then they’d both have exactly the same music and movies on them and we’d hardly ever use them at the same time. We could just swap them back and forth with each other if that was the case.

Her: So what do you need to know?

Me: Are you planning to use it at school or at home? Do you want to use it in your car? Do you ever plan to use it while you exercise? How many songs do you think you want to put on it? Do you want to use it with your Mac or with my PC? Do you want one with a display or would you just like the tiny little shuffle? Do you want to be able to choose what order your songs play? If you do get a display, do you actually want to be able to watch video on it or just use it to see your playlists?

Her: Wow, that’s a lot of things to think about.

Me: Yeah, so do you have any idea which one you want: the Nano, the Mini, the Shuffle or the Video iPod?

Her: The pink one.

So the pink one it is. Leave it to me to take all the magic out of the freakin’ holidays with my over-analysis.

Merry Christmas, sweetie. I hope you continue to not read my blog at least until the holidays are over.


5 Responses to Learning to Build a Watch

  1. saraclark says:

    You got the 8 gig right? and you ordered it directly from Apple and got her name engraved on it right?

    Just checking.

    I’m buying a red one becuase I stupidly and foolishly lost my mini recently.

  2. sista smiff says:

    That’s the one that we, I mean Santa is getting for a certain female in our house.

  3. newscoma says:

    I personally want the red one, but that’s me.
    And an I-Book.
    Santa doesn’t like me today though because I apparently dissed him.

  4. Lynnster says:

    Hmmmm… I swore I wasn’t going to go the Apple route, but that could make me turn in my generic nondescript non-Apple MP3 player. I love the pink.

    You and Kerry kill me with your techie aficionadoism. I thought I was bad but you guys have got me beat by a couple of country miles.

  5. Kat Coble says:

    You all can’t know just how much you’re warming my heart with all the Appleluv this Christmas. That can be MY Christmas present.


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