An Acknowledgement of My Advancing Age

After months of fighting it, I just finally hit “ctrl +” to increase the size of all fonts that I read on Firefox. I have to scroll around a lot more, but at least I can take these Granny Clampitt glasses off of the end of my nose.

What time’s the Early Bird Special at Luby’s Cafeteria?


8 Responses to An Acknowledgement of My Advancing Age

  1. Kerry Woo says:

    4:00 pm – Bring your own salt shaker.

  2. sista says:

    I’ve claimed Mr. Smiff’s drugstore glasses as my own reading glasses. I refuse to buy my own yet.

  3. jag says:

    Unless 29 is considered ‘advanced age’, I think it has more to do with your eyes than your years.

    I have to enlarge the font on most websites – including our virtous Sista’s.

    But then, I’m pretty much blind anyway.

  4. sista says:

    I’ve always been somewhat farsighted, myself, but, like in Mr’s case, he hit a certain age and suddenly couldn’t see. Always had perfect vision before. But he’s old enough to be your daddy.

  5. Lynnster says:

    I feel your pain, turning up the font in my browser last weekend liked to have killed me to have to do it. Although the whole having to wear reading glasses with my contacts in was the first rub and probably the more painful.

    PS Thanks for the tip on the melatonin for my sleeping problem, I may try that!

  6. Kathy T. says:

    Why THANK YOU CHRIS! I didn’t know Ctrl+ would increase the font size. I always went to view and font size, but it never “embiggened” the text of blogs, just the verbage outside. So yay! Now I can read again without squinting!

  7. Busy Mom says:

    What did you say? Speak up!

  8. newscoma says:

    Umm, I told you so.
    Can I say that without consequences?

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