I’ve Been Working on the Plumbing All Morning…

Please send hip boots!

On the plus side, I think I’ve finally found a costume for tonight’s “Holiday Blogger Meat-up” at the Mothership.


6 Responses to I’ve Been Working on the Plumbing All Morning…

  1. The horror…

    I think you just made the baby Jesus cry.

  2. John H says:

    holy mother of ned flanders..

    this image may have wiped the name slartibartfast waaay out of my brain..

  3. Malia says:

    I’m suddenly very glad that I won’t be at the party tonight.

  4. newscoma says:

    Holy Hell!
    If you wear that to the meat-off this afternoon, I want to
    A. See RUAbelle’s expression
    B. Buy you a case of your beloved Miller Lite
    C. own pictures for nefarious reasons where I can make money on the internet (Fark might be a good place to start.)

  5. sista smiff says:

    I meant to inquire about the Christmas package but forgot.

  6. Lynnster says:

    I think that image gives new meaning to the word “meat” in meat-up!

    I saw all the pics already anyway and know you didn’t wear it tho. You and RUABelle looked splendid and thanks to Sista’s video, I think you and Ivy could be the next Johnny & June Carter Cash… heh heh.

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