A Dollar Short

January 31, 2007

Kerry Woo and Sis ta Smiff (yeah, I know it’s three different links.  I’m never exactly sure were she is right now…) have been working to turn me on to the angelic vocal stylings of Eva Cassidy.  While I sure enjoy listening to her sing, it’s kind of a mixed bag seeing as she is no longer living.

I have a bad history of discovering musical artists either just before or right after they die.  So I’ve gotten used to not being able to find new music.   I bought my first Muddy Waters album (on vinyl) a week before he died.  I was about six months late on Howlin’ Wolf.

I skipped the last Stevie Ray Vaughan concert at Starwood because I figured, “Hell I’ve seen him 5-6 times already, and now that he’s finally kicked heroin he’ll live forever.”

And I’m still waiting on that new Mozart CD.

So if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll go put on some David Hasselhoff.  (Fingers crossed.)


A Completely Unscientific Sociological Study

January 30, 2007

I figured rather than just bitching about how cold it was I’d actually do something constructive with the ten minutes I had to wait for the bus this morning. In that time span I’d guess about 450-500 cars passed me at the corner of 21st Avenue and Blair (now you know where to find me) heading eastbound.

Here’s what I observed:

4 cars ran the red light–“The light was yellow, officer. Okay, it was distinctly orange.”

About 50 of the commuters were drinking coffee out of travel mugs. 1 was drinking a “Thirsty-Two Ouncer” Miller Lite. Maybe he was on his way home from his 3rd shift job. In Green Hills? Funny, I don’t remember seeing a sock factory in the mall anywhere. I hope he’s not an air traffic controller or something.

About 1/4 of the travelers were smiling while they drove. I did my best to increase that number by smiling at the women who were driving by themselves. I know, cheesy/skeevy.

Only 12 guys were wearing ties.

None of them were smiling.

100% of people driving Mercedes or Lexuses (Lexi?) looked very happy with themselves.

Women talking on cellphones outnumbered men by a 10/1 ratio. But I did hypothesize that some of the men might have been wearing those Bluetooth earbud penis extensions and just listening to the other party talk when I observed them. Or maybe I counted them among the people I thought were crazy and talking animatedly to themselves. In that case, there were 8 of them.

I only saw 3 people smoking. Nashvillians must be preparing themselves for the coming of our new non-smoking overlords. (Read “Bredesen.”)

The 3 guys driving Hummers were dicks. I don’t have any empirical evidence of this. I just know it to be true.

Kerry Woo’s Fantasy*

January 30, 2007

From Kerry's Review at GearDiary.com

Treo sex.

*Okay, it’s probably my and Kate O’s fantasy too. No, not our fantasy together. I mean, she’s attractive and all, but… Oh, never mind.

See Kerry’s GearDiary.com review of the Treo 680 here. (She’s the one on top…)

Live-blogging the Miss America Pageant While Waiting for Heroes to Come On

January 29, 2007

They just introduced the 52 contestants.  There were three minorities.  Three.  Unless you count brunettes…then there were a couple more.

That doesn’t look like the America I know.

Miss Hawaii is, well, Hawaiian.  Miss Texas is an African-Texan, err, African-American.  And apparently Miss U.S. Virgin Islands is a Virgin-American.  Honestly, did we really have to include the U.S. Virgin Islands?  There’s no Puerto Ricans or Guamians.

And Miss Tennessee is named Blaire Pancake.  Like Tennessee needed more reasons for the rest of the country to make fun of us.  Blaire freakin’ Pancake.

Oh crap, Mario “Twinkletoes” Lopez is the host and Chris “Hardball” Matthews is a judge.

I’m gonna go watch “Antiques Roadshow.”

They’re back…

January 29, 2007

That’s a relief.

Speaking of balls, Comcast had some to send me this direct mail piece last week:

Comcast flyer

Now this is a company that purports to want to be my one technology provider.  Phone, cable, high speed internet…the whole shebang.  You’d think they’d be a little more up-to-date with their marketing communications.

Hmm…where’s the Bat Building?   The arena?  And let’s take a closer look at that hotel in the middle:

Comcast detail

What’s that say?  The Stouffer?!  That’s been the Renaissance Hotel since at least 1995.  Nice.

Hey Comcast, why don’t you come off of some of that hundred fifty bucks I already send you every month and hire Chris Wage to take you some good pictures of downtown from this millennium rather than using crappy old stock photography?

12 Degrees…

January 29, 2007

…makes for a pretty crappy day for my bus to be twenty minutes late.

Yeah, I know it was a pretty stupid day for me to be riding the bus.

I’m sure I’ll have more to say when my testicles descend.

RUABelle Loves This Time of the Year…

January 27, 2007

…because she naps much better to golf and NASCAR than she does to football.

Nighty night.