Lucky Seven

My Hooterville buddy, NewsComa has asked me to share the seven best things I’ve done all year. I told her I’m not sure what I did wrong to deserve another meme tag after NaBloPoMo and the 12 Days of Blogger Christmas, but she told me to stop whining and start typing. Alrighty then.

In no particular order, (cuz that’s just the way I roll):

1. Took Knuck’s advice to start blogging as a writing assignment to myself. The creative stimulation from reading, writing and commenting has distracted me well through some tough times in my personal and professional life. The new friends I’ve made through this undertaking have really been an unexpected blessing this year. Thanks for being such an easy audience and laughing at my doody jokes.

2. Adopted Nellie the nervous pudelhund. I’ve always believed that the right dog needs to find you. Nellie needed RUABelle. They had seen each other in two or three separate shelters and foster/adoption events in various places around town, and I’m convinced it was meant to be. the work and patience necessary to overcome her extreme fearfulness has made the good times together even better.

3. Realized how much my late father used money and the fact that we work in a family business to keep me and my brothers in opposition with each other. As we’ve worked through the finances of the estate, we’ve also made a lot of progress addressing the dysfunction of our relationships.

4. Admitted to myself finally that I have been bound by golden handcuffs at work for far too long. I have started to take steps toward picking those locks. I subsequently have found out that I just may be kicked to the curb anyway. Oh well. I’m looking forward to the next chapter of this story. Stay tuned.

5. Took RUABelle on very enjoyable trips to Vegas, Napa and Ireland where she was treated like the princess she is. For a change, I didn’t do everything on the cheap. I’ve decided that it’s better to put off vacations and save up in advance so you can pay cash as you go rather than suffering through months of bills afterwards

6. I went to my first Masters in April. While it wasn’t the perfect trip logistically, it was perfect to me. If I never get to go again, I’ll be satisfied. If I get to go 100 more times, I imagine I’ll still be breathlessly awed when I walk through those gates and see and smell the azaleas for the first time.

7. I finally learned to say “no” to some people. Not RUABelle or the pets. But I’ve learned to delegate better at work and just refuse to take on some tasks that really were the responsibility of other people who were just too lazy to do them and knew that I wouldn’t let the ball they dropped hit the ground. I also undertook a much-needed inventory of my volunteer and non-profit work to decide which groups I really wanted to stick with and which ones I could make the most meaningful contribution to.

So those are the highlights of 2006 for me. I guess I could tag somebody else; but I won’t. (cuz that’s just the way I roll.)


10 Responses to Lucky Seven

  1. Lynnster says:

    One should ALWAYS listen to Newscoma and do what she says! Those of us gals who grew up in ruralish NW TN can kick some butt sometimes when we want. 😉

    What a fabulous seven to read. Are you the baby brother?

    You and Nellie = adorable. 🙂

  2. CHEZ BEZ says:

    That’s a very good and very mature list you have there. I like it.

    Me, I’m just looking to make my abs look better. But first, I’ll have some chocolate cake.

  3. fishwreck says:

    Thanks for saying no to passing the tag!

  4. Good list…hope all goes well with the lock picking!

  5. sara sue says:

    That list is the best I’ve seen, my friend. Congratulations!

  6. sista smiff says:

    The picture of you and the Brothers Cee is the coolest picture ever.

  7. ceeelcee says:

    Yup, I’m the baby of the family. The laughter in the picture is the result of the “wet Willie” that oldest bro (picture right) just stuck in my ear.

    Come to think of it, Nellie did the same thing to me right after the picture of us together. Must be something about my ears…

  8. newscoma says:

    Would it be inappropriate after a wiggy day to agree with Lynnster to always listen to the ‘Coma?
    Great post my friend. And I love the picture.

  9. You’ve been a busy man.
    2006 appeared to be a season of change for the better.
    Good for you and great for me.
    Tell Knucklehead thanks for goading you into blogging, for if you hadn’t I wouldn’t have had a chance to meet you.
    My pleasure.

  10. lcreekmo says:

    Excellent post. Also, am insanely jealous over the Masters, though my dad would never speak to me again if I went without him. Must remember.

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