I guess the new big deal at McDonald’s that they’re spending millions of dollars to advertise is the fact that they will add the cream and sugar to your scalding hot coffee for you. Will they shake it for me later when I have to pee?



3 Responses to McLazy

  1. saraclark says:

    You know, my recent experience with this service caused a problem in that I did not speak sufficient Spanish and the McDonald’s guy didn’t speak sufficent English.

    I sat at the window and passed the coffee back and forth while pointing and saying “more” several times. It was brutally slow and probably pissed off everyone behind me.

    The McDonald’s in Hermitage has a den/lounge seating area with leather couches and a fireplace just like Blackstone. Weird.

  2. newscoma says:

    McDonald’s sort of freaks me out. I’m a lucky girl because my coffee is always black.
    And I’m not into the flavored coffees.
    Unless it’s with Jameson’s Irish, but I digress.

  3. jag says:

    We drove through the other morning and the lady asked if they could add any Sweet & Low, Equal, or cream to our coffee. I requested just some sugar on the side, thinking I’d gotten around it til she quizzed me on how many packets I’d like. Just give me a handful, lady.

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