Master of My Domain

One of the most delightful and surprising Christmas presents that I received came from my good buddy over at Fishwreck. He gave me my own domain name! Now he’s forgotten more about the internet than I’ll ever know, so I’m awful glad that he set this up for me. I was a History major after all.

So behold the glory that is! Go ahead and click it. I’ll wait…

Yeah, I know. It brought you back here. Try again. OK, you gotta admit that’s pretty cool. It opened up a new window and brought you right back where you were. It’s like a magic mirror. And my sitemeter is probably going through the roof with all these circular clicks. (err…maybe not.)

Feel free to cover up your desktop with my glorious old page. As James Brown would say, (if he wasn’t cremated and sitting in some creepy bigamist bitch’s purse right now) “Hit me three times! Uhn! Uhn! Uhn!

So why does it just mirror back to this page, you might ask? Because I’m too insecure to leave Blogger yet. Hell, I’m not even willing to go to Blogger Beta because I haven’t really figured out Blogger Alpha yet. I know all the cool people are leaving, but I promise to turn the lights off when I’m the last to go. Feel free to change your bookmarks now because whatever I eventually switch to will mirror from here.

And what comes along with a new domain? That’s right, email addresses! Of course they all mirror to the same junk account, so anything you send to will come to me now.

For example, (spammers stop reading now. Oh, and go reach up your own poop chute and pull your intestines out and wrap them around your throat until you choke to death on your own stinky Saddam rope since I’m not standing next to you to do it for you.) if you send email to any of the following addresses, it will come to me now.

I tried to get when I first started blogging, but it is being held by a company that makes pads to soak up your pissy sheets. That’s somehow appropriate. Of course, they’re not really using it. Maybe I should get to. The domain name. Not the piss pads.


10 Responses to Master of My Domain

  1. Busy Mom says:

    All the cool people are dot net anyway.

  2. newscoma says:

    Not dot net but dot com.
    We are the cool kids. Let’s go smoke cigarettes behind the barn and sip Pabst in our bitchin’ Camaro.

  3. Lynnster says:

    Gosh, you are so easily amused and made happy I wish there were two of you so I could have one too! And yes I clicked on all of them. Did you know they ALL come back to :p

    I’ll tell you what I just told John. WordPress loves you. WordPress is your friend. WordPress wants Dry Spotting!

    As for dots, I am also the owner of,,, and I would make them all clickable links to amuse you, but copy/pasting them and hitting enter should keep you occupied for a while! is currently taken but I’ve got a reserve on it to hopefully snatch it up in the future. I should have bought all these years ago anyhoo.

  4. Kathy T. says:

    I love your “throwrocks@” too funny! I got your catalog today and have ordered samples! 🙂

  5. sista says:

    I am slayed with impression over your new dot nettish status.

  6. fishwreck says:

    Aw, shucks, he didn’t even mention the cool business cards with his new domain printed on them — printed on his company’s own product even.

    Welcome to the new vanity fashion, Cee!

  7. jag says:

    I’ll turn off the lights with you. I don’t plan on switching anytime soon. By the time they make me switch to beta, I’m hoping I have a premise for my thing and will have chosen another service.

    Granted, that may never happen. But one can dream.

  8. Will there be a gang war between the cool dot net kids and the dot com whippersnappers?
    Will it be like when the Bloods and Crips go after each other or when the East Coast rappers try to bust a cap in the West Coast rappers?
    Or will it be really scary like when the Jets and the Sharks rumble?

  9. newscoma says:

    When your a jet …

  10. jeffrey says:

    i’m with busy mom. the .net kids are coolest ones. my new blog is (but if you left off the “/blog/”, my root index still redirects to the blog…kind of like your new magic mirror). Truth is i had to use the “-” and the “.net” b/c it was the closest to “” that i could get. oh well. I’m glad to have hopped on the boat of blogger refugees as well. Won’t you join us CLC?

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