Last Chance to Dance (and Learn)

Tonight’s the big Schoolhouse Rocks! show for adults at the Nashville Children’s Theatre.

Please don’t make me type the details all over again. Just click the damn link. A good portion of my blogroll is coming. Don’t be left out!


4 Responses to Last Chance to Dance (and Learn)

  1. newscoma says:

    Damn. I’m feeling left out.
    I love Schoolhouse Rock.

  2. I’m boycotting since I didn’t see “Three is a magic number” on the song list.
    Not really.
    Just too busy with work to get away, but I’m quite jealous and sad that I won’t be there tonight.
    Schoolhouse Rock On.

  3. Busy Mom says:

    It was a blast, THANK YOU!!

  4. newscoma says:

    “I’m just a bill, I am only a bill as I sit here up on Capital Hill.”

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