Overheard near the big jug-o-pickles aisle:

Two lovely, tall ebony-skinned women were working food demos across the end caps of an aisle and talking back in forth in a beautiful trilling melange of French and Kikongo.

A matronly Belle Meader walks up wearing her post-church finery.

“Excuse me, but what language are y’all talking in?”


“Oh, are you from Canada?”

“No, we’re from Congo.”

“Is that near Canada?”

“No, Congo. In Africa.”

“Like that movie with the talking monkeys? How precious!”



8 Responses to CostCo-nfusion

  1. CHEZ BEZ says:

    Kinda makes you want to apologize on behalf of the ignorance of locals, huh? 😉

    Oh well, it was a conversation of good intentions at least.

  2. Lynnster says:

    Bless that little old lady’s airheaded heart… 🙂

  3. sista says:

    What movie is she referring to with the talking monkeys?

  4. sista says:

    What movie is she referring to with the talking monkeys?

  5. sista says:

    And I really didn’t mean to post that twicet.

  6. Nuttin’ better’n ignorant and PROUD! Two great tastes that taste great together!

  7. I believe the appropriate, Southern comeback to a remark like that of our Belle Meade matron is, “Bless Your Heart, Hon.”

  8. Kat Coble says:

    what movie…talking monkeys

    Probably Congo

    The monkeys didn’t talk, though. But it sounds like this woman in question was not one to not remember that.

    I feel so behind the times, because I still refer to the DRC as Zaire.

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