Stress Puppy

I went by the Minute Clinic Friday after work for the second time in a few weeks to try to do something about this earache that’s been bugging me and keeping me awake since before Christmas. I’m not one of those people who wants a scrip for antibiotics every time he gets the sniffles, but enough is enough with this darn infection.

But part of me also thought that some of the ear pain might be related to some TMJ issues. I’ve never had a problem with that before, but I’ve noticed I’ve been gritting my teeth and clenching my jaw lately when some work-related stress has been getting to me.

Now regular readers of the Dry Spot know that I used to give platelets all the time. Until I had a little incident with the Red Cross. That of course turned out to be no big deal.

One of the good things about giving platelets so often was that it was like getting a mini-physical every month. I’ve always been a pretty healthy kinda guy with blood pressure readings in the 115/75 range month in and month out. So I wasn’t too concerned about it when the Minute Clinic nurse practitioner slid the BP cuff over my arm. Yeah, I’ve been pretty uptight at work and a good friend and coworker got a really bad cancer diagnosis and I’ve been dealing with some issues with an aging parent who has gotten herself into a financial jam and I’m involved in a couple of really tenuous business ventures and haven’t been sleeping well because of this damn earache, but all in all I felt fairly healthy.

156 over 94.


Maybe I am a little tense. I took it again a half hour later and it was within 15 points of normal, but WTF?!

And the worst part is that I have my first appointment with a new doctor in 10 days. I haven’t had a regular GP in 20 years, instead counting on Doc in the Box to treat my various infirmities throughout the years. But I figured after I turned 40, I’d better get somebody who I could go to on a more regular basis. My new doctor came extremely well recommended by several other docs, (skinny fingers) so I was willing to wait the three months that it took to get a new patient appointment. Apparently, somebody has to die to make room in the schedule. I guess it’s kinda like getting promoted from the kiddie table at Thanksgiving.

But your first appointment with a new doctor is like a first date with a woman. I don’t want his first impression of me to be that I’m a broke-down stress cur that needs to be put on Xanax and Lipitor. I always brush my teeth three times and floss like a madman before I go to the dentist, and I used to always wash my hair (when I had some) before I’d go to get a haircut.

So I’ve got two weeks to destress, eat healthy and get my pressure down out of the stroke range.

Crap, crap, crap.


12 Responses to Stress Puppy

  1. CHEZ BEZ says:

    Doc in a Box? Is that a new SNL skit? I can hear it now.

    Good luck with it all.

  2. Lynnster says:

    “Skinny fingers”… I am DYING over here…

    Hope everything goes well, dear. I’m sure it will though. Extreme stress can play lots of havoc with one’s system… I stressed myself out to the point last summer of being sick for three months straight and needing to rid myself of a gallbladder sometime in the future.

    I know you’ll get a good report, but in the meantime, don’t stress about the upcoming visit!

  3. fishwreck says:

    Stressing out over being stressed out?Geesh. If you don’t loosen up a bit, even a skinny finger won’t fit in there.

  4. Busy Mom says:

    Heh, he said “box”.

    Seriously, though, take care of yourself, man!

  5. 156 over 94?!?

    Pssshhhhht. Child’s Play.

    156 was my lower number last year.

  6. ceeelcee says:

    Yeah, Knuck,

    And I remember thinking you were going to die.

    Got any extra meds?

    Just kidding, Internet cops.

    No, really.

  7. newscoma says:

    You better take care of yourself.
    I guess now you can only watch me drink beer?
    Anyway, sending much love to the Ceeelcee house.

  8. Ginger says:

    lololol…”Doc In a Box”, “Skinny fingers”…

    I’ve been missing out by not coming over to The Dry Spot! Oh the comedy!

    Need to relax? One word for ya: tequila. 😉 Seriously, take care of yourself.

  9. Kerry Woo says:

    Hey when you’re done, let’s go celebrate at Fat Moe’s Burgers!

    You need to get your company to expense one of those little scooters to cruise the warehouse with.

    Seriously, don’t stress –

  10. newscoma says:

    With Kerry, don’t stress.
    Steph said to hold onto the smiley penny.

  11. […] I’ve already given up caffeine in an attempt to get my blood pressure into the non-stroke range without the use o….  Now that I’m over the pounding headaches, it’s not that hard to manage.  (Anybody […]

  12. […] I’ve already given up caffeine in an attempt to get my blood pressure into the non-stroke range without the use o….  Now that I’m over the pounding headaches, it’s not that hard to manage.  (Anybody […]

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