If We Could Somehow Harness This Power for Good

I read in Monday’s Tennessean that Kellie Pickler is filling in for Barbara Walters on “The View” this Thursday and Friday. I’m afraid I’ll have to miss it since I’ll be working, but I’ll bet Kellie makes Elisabeth Hasselbeck look like Marilyn vos Savant.

Some of you work-at-home folks give me the review…or not.


6 Responses to If We Could Somehow Harness This Power for Good

  1. sista smiff says:

    Miz Pickler is on a roll. Just a few days after The View, she will be in Magnificent Madison, TN, taping an episode of Southern Fried Flicks.

  2. saraclark says:

    She sang the national anthem at one of the Preds games last week, terrible.

    I hope her accent isn’t as pronounced when she’s speaking as when she’s singing (or should that be sangin’) Seriously it was that bad.

  3. Malia says:

    Sorry, I don’t watch that show. Blogs are my daytime entertainment!

  4. newscoma says:

    Who’s Kellie Pickler? 🙂

  5. Taylor Hickman says:

    She’s purty, but the dumber than a box of rocks act gets old…

  6. sista says:

    She may be a little naive and she’s very young, but, I don’t think that equals dumb. She sure doesn’t put anything on. Nobody would pay a lick of attention to her if she didn’t do what she’s doing. I think she’s dumb like a fox myself. Y’all are sure falling for the “dumb” act while she’s increasing her resume more everyday. Being asked back to sit on The View panel is big time.

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