Apparently they’ve announced that the new George W. Bush Presidential Library will be built at SMU.

Bring your own crayons.


4 Responses to BushOla

  1. saraclark says:

    Well that’s going to irritate the A&M people that already have all of Bush Sr.’s materials.

    Does this mean UTexas gets the library for the Twins?

  2. chrisyub says:

    My UT Longhorn informs me the Methodists are protesting having the Bush libary. Seems they don’t want his presidency rubbing off on ’em.

  3. Judy says:

    There’s a petition out to protest this SMU library gig from GW. Pretty big higher-ups in the church with their sigs all over it. The question to ponder is: does SMU still rely heavily on the United Methodist Church, or are they in name only, pretty much doing whatever it is they want to do?

    My cousin’s name is on the list (he’s a retired bishop) and I expect to see my dad’s name added sometime this week (retired minister)…interesting little story brewing amongst the Methodist crowd, not that any of the rest of us have a say in it, LOL.

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