Random Ruminations on the 2nd to Last NFL Weekend

Noticed first by the DogDoc and RuaBelle:
The little robot in the corner of the screen when Fox comes out of commercials has the exact same gestures and movements as Eddie George when he was warming up on the sidelines before a game. It’s like he’s an avatar. I wonder if Eddie got any royalties?

Noticed by DogDoc’s wife, The Dookie:
Inevitably after the first Colt possession of a game, the camera will show Peyton Manning on the sidelines looking at those fax pictures of the defensive alignments. He usually has a look on his face like someone is holding a little dog turd under his nose.

Speaking of that look, UnaCoachaBomber Belicheck really classes up the sidelines with that hoodie and his ever-present pissed off look. Fuggem.

I sure wouldn’t mind seeing free-agent-to-be Asante Samuel lining up at corner on the other side from Pacman Jones next season. But, unfortunately, his price tag is going up every game. He could make me get over my “no more DB’s with dreadlocks” prejudice. That assumes we trade that swinging door of a safety Lamont Thompson for a bag of footballs and a used kicking tee.

Rex Grossman may win the Super Bowl, but I don’t think he could start for Vanderbilt.

Two African-American coaches, and the NFL has to create the “Rooney Rule” to force teams to interview minority candidates when coaching positions come available?! That’s just stupid. Let the dumbass cracker teams that choose not to broaden their pool of possible coaches suffer by continuing to suck.


4 Responses to Random Ruminations on the 2nd to Last NFL Weekend

  1. Lynnster says:

    I know this is probably somewhere in the archives and I have likely just overlooked it, but I must ask: Why in the world is that poor woman called The Dookie????

  2. Busy Mom says:

    wtf was up with that hoodie?

  3. fishwreck says:

    Lynnster, that poor woman is called The Dookie because she has the misfortune of being a Duke fan, a condition much improved by her being married to the DogDoc who is himself afflicted with Roll Tide disease.

  4. Lynnster says:

    Ohhhhhh…. Duke. Now it makes sense, OK!

    You’re right, the Crimson disease is worse (and the War Eagle Syndrome ain’t much better)… 😉

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