In My Continuing Effort to Bring Some Culture to You Buncha Philistines

Yeah, I know. The last arts event I recommended was a play based on a Saturday morning cartoon. But it rocked! And you’re not really all Philistines. Maybe there are some Nabatuans out there…I don’t know.

But you do need some more culture. Especially the free kind.

The Tennessee Repertory Theatre is presenting their second David Mamet play in two years. After last years extraordinary production of “Oleanna” they are putting on “Speed the Plow.” A tough, witty insiders look at Hollywood and the moral morasses that accompany the life of a producer, this play has a stellar cast and I guarantee it will be wildly entertaining.

But that’s not the free part. Most people know who David Mamet is; but usually because of his writing work on television and motion pictures. His theatre drama is some of the best written dialogue I have ever been treated to hear. To remind the general public of some of Mamet’s work, the Rep is having a free screening of Mamet’s political satire “Wag the Dog” at Sarratt Cinema on the Vanderbilt campus on Thursday at 7:00. Look closely for a young Kirsten Dunst as the poor refugee girl they hire to run through the explosions looking scared. It’s a fun movie with a serious message in these volatile times of international policy. Check it out! You can’t beat the price.

Back to the play; it’s not free but you can’t beat live theatre for impactful performances. The production stars David Alford, who I think is a Nashville treasure who doesn’t get the attention he deserves, Marin Miller, a wonderful actress in the midst of a breakout year who you may remember as the “Best of Nashville” queen in the Scene this year or from her role of the Adjective Girl in Schoolhouse Rocks and Jessejames Locorriere, a very talented actor who is returning to Nashville after a long hiatus where I think he was either rebuilding motorcycles, singing for Dr. Hook or playing the chainsaw in Jackal. OK, my personal knowledge kinda slacks off at this point in the description.

But that doesn’t excuse you from going to the free movie and/or the play. The Dry Spot sez: Check it out!


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