Hey, Moe! Hey, Larry!

There was definitely some “stoogish” behavior going on with this snowfall last night.

The Weather folks were so snakebit after yesterday that they all seemed afraid to actually predict anything. It was almost sad to watch them quiver and hint that there might be “a dusting of frozen precip.”

I hate to admit it, but that goober Tim Ross may finally have it right. He’s just asking for people west of Nashville to email him if it’s snowing. Genius! Or maybe savant…that’s all I’ll give him.

But the Coup de Grace,* was the automated Metro Schools phone call that came at 4:45 to say that schools were cancelled. Even though everybody knows to get up at normal time and watch Snowbird. I swear I could hear Pedro Garcia telling RUABelle in his best Curly impersonation, “Wake up and go to sleep!”

So we did.

*which I learned this weekend should always be pronounced “coo de grays” not “coo duh grah.” The second pronunciation is like “foie gras” and literally means “blow of fat.” I don’t think that’s what most people are talking about. Unless you’re into that sort of thing…


6 Responses to Hey, Moe! Hey, Larry!

  1. malia says:

    I’m SO glad that I did not hear the phone ring this morning. That would have ticked me off! I saw the answering machine blinking when I got up this morning was like, what the? Who called and when?

  2. fishwreck says:

    You know, if Al Gore hadn’t invented global warming, we’d have a lot more snow days.

  3. sista smiff says:

    “Wake up and go to sleep” is a line Mr. Smiff loves to use. I don’t always like to hear it though.

  4. Lynnster says:

    Blow of Fat…. isn’t that Short & Fat’s brother?

  5. hutchmo says:

    yeah, I saw the caller ID sometime around 5:00 AM…Metro Government, and I’m thinking, good job, Pedro. As if every metro teacher with the ability to, say, breath, won’t know it’s a school day. On another note, how many of you get up at 5:00??? We sure as hell don’t normally, even though I had already been up and out in the snow because I’m probably the mental equivalent of Larry…

  6. Sara Sue says:

    The mental equivalent of Larry??? Oh dear!

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