Peyton’s Place…

…is apparently the front page of “The Tennessean.”

Every freakin’ day this entire week.

I know it’s the Super Bowl of hype and he’s the star player of the favorite team, but isn’t enough to see him on television 23 1/2 hours a day pitching products and passes and acting like the high school prick who snapped your ass with a towel in the locker room every day when you were trying to hide behind the heavy punching bag and squealing like a little girl as the welts rose on your soft pink buttocks?

Or maybe that was just me…

It’s enough to make you hate a guy. Go Bears!


4 Responses to Peyton’s Place…

  1. Sara Sue says:

    Is that super bowl thing THIS weekend??

  2. sista smiff says:

    I have not one single iota of an interest in the Super Bowl. Not even a little. Good thing he can play football cause Peyton is homely.

  3. newscoma says:

    Sista, you made me spew coffee with the homely comment.
    And you’re right.

  4. Smiley, I’m sensing some emotional scars and a possible fear of wet towels from a locker room experience in the past.
    However, the fetish world might enjoy it if you delve deeper into your youth and share more descriptions of your painful, pink bottom.

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